20 Reasons To Fall In Love With A Colombian Girl

Without a doubt, Colombian girls are the most beautiful but if you want to know the real reasons
why to fall in love with Colombian girls, read on!

1. Because races tend to privilege one gender more that the other, and in Colombia its clearly the feminine.

2. Because Colombian girls welcome compliments, or at least smile.

3. Beause they love to pamper.

4. Because they show not too little to be uninspirational, and not too much to look obscene.

5. Because the women from Cali will awake the dire to dance in you.

6. Because the are most passionate about family.

7. Because they adore their husbands.

8. Because they take action when its necessary.

9. Because the Paisas (women from the antioquia region) know what they´ve got and they know how to use it.

10. Because the Costenas (women from the colombian costal side) show you how to take live not too serious.

11. Because the Bogotanas (women from the Colombian capital Bogota) are geniuses when it come to conquering a man.

12. Because almost all Colombian Girls love soccer!

13. Because the ugly ones are the vast minority.

14. Because even the ugly ones have some kind grace.

15. Because even the older ones do everything to stay in shape and look great.

16. Beause they are the worlds best dancing teachers.

17. Because they almost always forgive.

18. Because when you look at them you see their heart.

19. Because they love to laugh.

20. Because when they fall in love they surrender without restrictions.


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