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Colombian women dating tipps

As we all know Colombian women are very  attractive. And that’s the reason why many men want to date a colombian girl.

If you are not from Colombia and you are still interested to date a sexy colombian woman,  we recommend you need to learn more about latin culture and traditions.

Family matters

Colombian families are usually very large and also play an important role. So when colombian women talk about family members, she means her parents, grandparents, uncles, cousins, brothers ect. In Colombia,many single colombian women are living together with their family as well as extended family, together in the same house.

Salaries in Colombia are about $200-$400 a month, and its very rare that a Colombian woman can pay a rent for her own apartment from her monthly salary.

If you want to “get serious” with a Colombian women there is no way to avoid her family. If you plan to marry a Colombian girl you must get approval of her family. It´s always a good advice that you to spend as much time as possible with her family while you are in Colombia with your fiance or girlfriend.



An other significant part of Colombian culture is religion. Since it plays an important role in the daily life of Colombian women.

They have very serious old-fashioned and traditional values on religion, the mayority of Colombians are Catholics.  To be more precise, some of Colombian women will never have a sexual relationship until they are married.

Therefore, you should respect her if she doesn´t want to have one night stand with you.

If you already are a member of a church in the USA or somewhere else, you will probably have no problem with that.

Mordern women & Good wives

In general Colombian Women are raised up to be good wives because they are taught to please their husbands.
This can be different from region to region in Colombia. In Bogota or Medellin you will you meet Colombian women, that like the idea of female emancipation. In the mentioned cities, the most important things for women are:  Her job, her career, the university and fashion. Some Colombian girls from Bogota and Medellin probably don´t even know how to cook.
But still they can not be compared to fully emancipated American or European girls, where everything is only about her “career”. Even modern Colombian Girls still have very high family values and they dream of having a nice family with kids.

We recommend you to ask her your doubts about Colombia culture, she will be happy to explain you everything.  The more you  learn about her culture the better you will understand her. Colombian women are also interested to learn about your culture. When both cultures are understood better, chances are good that you will have happy and long lasting relationship / marriage with a Colombian woman.


Why you should visit Colombia to meet Latin Single Women

If you are interested in foreign women, you might have already visited countries like Russia, The Phillippines, Dominican Republic, Ukariane, Thailand ect…

Have you been to Colombia yet?

Here is why you should visit Colombia to meet Single women:

There are so many wonderful, beautiful but lonely women in Colombia.

The main reason why there are so many lonley women is due to Colombia men.

Colombian men by nearly all accounts are far from ideal in how they treat the women.
Most Colombian men are not attractive at all to Colombian women. Not even physically.
Some Colombian men are even smaller than Colombian women.
They live with the parents forever, they lie and cheat on them all the time.
They have no topic to talk about. They have nothing to offer.
All they talk about is drinking “moonshine” booze, dancing and having sex.
This is no exaggeration. Pleople who know Colombia will agree on that.

Many Colombian women are intelligent and educated.
The girls that join our website have just decided, to stay alone before dating a Colombia guy again.

Colombian women yearn for getting to know a foreign men.
Colombia is still a secret tip. There are still very few foreign visitors in Colombia.
The women there don´t see foreigners that much.
Foreign men are seen like the perfect boyfriends / husbands among Colombian Women.
Also, most Colombian women attracted to pretty much every American and European man.
Even being bald and a little overweight doesn´t matter in Colombia.

If you come to Colombia with us to get to know Single Women,
there will be many beautiful women that will want to get to know you.

Also, if you live in the USA,  Colombia is much closer to you than the most other “mail order brides” countries like:
Russia, The Phillipines, Ukraine, Thailand, China, Vietnam, India, Brazil ect…


As a foreigner you have very good chances to meet many beautiful Single Women in Colombia, because compared to men from other countries, unfortunately Colombian men treat their women especially bad in every way, but this is an advantage for you because the women are seriously interested in getting to know foreign gentlemen.
Makes sense?

If a Colombia woman is interested in dating you, in most cases, it´s because she is genuinely interested in YOU and not in your money. The mayority of the ladies from the website, are from wealthy or upper-class families, for Colombian standards, they are also educated. Women in Bogota (Colombias capital) enjoy the highest standard of living and best education of all Colombia.

Gerenally the lower the standard of living and education is the more likely, women tend to be interested in money.
Keep that in mind if you plan to look for ladies in India, The Phillippines or the Dominican Republic ect…

We at MCW believe that there should be a healthy amount of personal attraction on BOTH sides, in order to guarrantee a long lasting and satisfactory relationship.

If we arrange an introduction for you, you can count on, that the lady is actually interested in getting to know you, because she will have seen your pictures and information and that´s the big difference!

Please be informed that many other agencies will just introduce you to you prostitutes or random women.

Women from Russia for instance have better quality men in their country. Attractive men that treat their ladies decently.
This means that chances are low that a Russian woman is seriously interested dating a bald average guy who is 15 years older than herself, if he is not a millionare, to say the least.

Colombian women have much lower standards in men. Basically anyone who just stays with them and treats them good is the perfect partner for them.

Thats why Colombia might be the perfect alternative for pretty much everyone in the US who is interested in meeting beautiful Foreign Single Women seeking a serious relationship!

Find out more about how to meet Colombian in Colombia.


20 Reasons To Fall In Love With A Colombian Girl

Without a doubt, Colombian girls are the most beautiful but if you want to know the real reasons
why to fall in love with Colombian girls, read on!

1. Because races tend to privilege one gender more that the other, and in Colombia its clearly the feminine.

2. Because Colombian girls welcome compliments, or at least smile.

3. Beause they love to pamper.

4. Because they show not too little to be uninspirational, and not too much to look obscene.

5. Because the women from Cali will awake the dire to dance in you.

6. Because the are most passionate about family.

7. Because they adore their husbands.

8. Because they take action when its necessary.

9. Because the Paisas (women from the antioquia region) know what they´ve got and they know how to use it.

10. Because the Costenas (women from the colombian costal side) show you how to take live not too serious.

11. Because the Bogotanas (women from the Colombian capital Bogota) are geniuses when it come to conquering a man.

12. Because almost all Colombian Girls love soccer!

13. Because the ugly ones are the vast minority.

14. Because even the ugly ones have some kind grace.

15. Because even the older ones do everything to stay in shape and look great.

16. Beause they are the worlds best dancing teachers.

17. Because they almost always forgive.

18. Because when you look at them you see their heart.

19. Because they love to laugh.

20. Because when they fall in love they surrender without restrictions.


How to get better results from Online Dating

The Reality of Online Dating!

Many of us have tried many free and payed online dating site, with regular to no results.
In fact the most men and women are not successful when joining online dating sites.
We have heard a lot of stories from both of our male and female members, which were members
of other dating sites before.

In following article we want to show you, which are the reasons, why most  online dating site users fail to get any responses or valuable long lasting contacts

1. You don´t have a profile picture:
If you don´t upload any foto, or any real picture of you, you can not expect to get any feedback from the ladies.
By the way, 95% of the ladies on normal dating sites just don´t bother to browse profiles of male members or even send them messages,
and if they contact you its because they later turn out to be „gold diggers“.
This is because free dating sites do not vertify their members.
All female members of mycolombiawife.com are verified.
We have a strict anti-gold-digger-policy.

The most important thing  that both men and women notice first is the picture.
It is better to upload various pictures.
Some people upload pictures, which don´t show them „from their best side“, which is unfortunate. Imagine that the only impression single women get from you is from your picture. Some great photos where you`re smiling and doing some activities you enjoy would be ideal.

2. Profile information.
Some women actually read what you write in your profile!
Make yourself interesting but please be honest.

3. Yiou never log into your profile:
On most online dating sites, the members can see that you are online.
If you are never online, the women on the website just don´t know that you exist.

4. Your messages are too long or too short.
Your message to the ladies shouldn´t be too long, nor too short. In the most cases 1 sentence is too short.
If the message is too long the women just dont bother reading it.
It is ok to use the same text and send it to serval women.
But make it look as if your text is soley dedicated to her.
In fact, if you are on a dating site with millions of members, you
should send about 50 to 100 messages a day to get 1 or 2 responses.

5. You are on a website which  just has too many members!
Joining a website with thousands or millions of members isn´t always good.
Women on sites like POF, if they are not too ugly, receive about 100 – 400 messages a day! Every day!
This is a fact. Can you imagine that your message just goes under and  is not even read?
When women join this sites they are bombarded with about 300 messages a day,
and simply loose interest after the 2nd day. In some cases they delete their profiles, or in most cases they don´t even delete it.
This is the reality.

This is just unfortunate for both, men and women, because the messages from the guys are ignored in about 98% of the cases and the women are  overwhelmed with too many messages.

mycolombianwife.com doesnt have millions or thousands of members, thus its much more manageable
for both male and female members.

6. Many foreign women on international dating sites are just looking for some money.
If you´ve given up dating women from your country and if you are insterested in dating a foreign lady
you will have come across gold diggers (women or nigerian crooks just interested in some money).
In the most cases her father is in the hospital and she needs some money.
If you do send the money or not, in both cases these ladies will just block you on skype afterwards.

Since our female members have to verify themselves, our system is not attractive for gold diggers.
Because our female members also have to accept our terms of use, they know that their profile will be deleted and banned immediately if they turn out to be gold diggers.
We try to have only women with true intentions on the site. This means, women that are actually seeking a serious relationship with a foreign man. We are in contact as much as we can with our female members.

Since this is a VIP service, we want to provide our members only with quality  Colombian women.


Colombia has one of lowest divorce rates in the world!

If you consider to marry a Colombian women, chances are good that your marriage will last forever!

According  to wikipedia Divorce demography Colombias crude divorce rate of 0.2 is one of the lowest of the world.
Only Sri Lanka and Chile have a lower divorce rate.

The measure of the crude divorce rate, is the number of divorces per 1,000 population.

You may wonder which countries do have the highest divorce rates?
The countries with the highest divorce rates are the following:

– Russia 4.8
– Belarus 4.1
– United States 3.6

As we know Russian Women are the „Mail order brides“ number one in the world. Ironically Russia also has the highest divorce rate in the world.

Russians seem to name following reasons:

According to a survey by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) conducted in 130 towns across Russia, only 3 percent of people said that cramped housing conditions were the determining factor in their divorce. Cheating came first, with 24 percent of respondents attributing the downfall of their marriages to infidelity, followed by poverty (21 percent) and the inability to compromise (19 percent).

Colombian women are extremely faithful once compromised.

The dream of Colombian women is to form a nice family and stay with their partner forever.
Now Colombian men, as Latin men in general, are known for being cheaters, but keeping the family together is the main priority of Colombian women, thus they will tend to ignore little infidelities of Colombian men.
Also because of their strong christian believe, they also have a strong believe in marriage and family union.

If you are seeking a marriage with a foreign woman that will last forever, colombian women might be your best choice.



Top 5 things latin women are seeking in foreign men

Before you consider dating latin women you should be aware which elements are important for latinas.

In the following article you will be informed about  the top 5 key factors that latin women are seeking in foreign men.


1. Honesty

The majority of latin women have been lied to by their partners  a 1000 times in their life.
They really appreciate a honest and open minded foreign man. Someone who doesn`t play games with them.
Be honest about your feelings and your intentions. You have to be absoluty clear of what you are feeling for this person with whom you will have eventually a stable long-term relationship. In the ideal case you don`t have to hide anyhing from your partner.

2. Equality

In a serious relationship both partners should be seen as equal beeings. This counts for the freedom of decision making and for what`s accepted and what is not accepted. Nobody should take himself as more important or superior than the other. With the feeling of equality, a feeling of comfort and balance arises because both are feeling secure and comfortable. Relationships where the man only commands, while the woman is serving are condemned to fail.
In Latin American culture women are still not seen as 100%  equal to men, thats why Latin women are yearing to have partner who respects them as an equal beeing.

3. Respect

What does respect towards a woman mean? Beeing respectful means to respect the other`s thoughts, ideas, concepts and believes. Of course both should be open minded and open to talk and discuss any topics. Beeing respectful shows latin women that you are a true gentleman who knows that respecting a beautiful woman leads to trust and a long lasting relationship.

4. Trust

Trust is a vital element in a relationship. Imagine yourself getting to know beautiful Colombian women, where trust has been abused a hundred times by colombian men, but she still has enough trust to be open for a new relationship, with high expectations.
If you trust in yourself you can reflect trust to others and help your future wife to also trust  in YOU.
You will be able to understand how valuable trust  is for a long lasting relationship.

5. Family-oriented

As most Colombian women are family-oriented they are seeking family-oriented man. The ladies in Colombia love to care and dedicate themselves to their husband and family. The family and the contact to it is one of the most important key elements in their lives. If you are also seeking a family oriented woman, Colombian women are the right choice for you.




What you should consider when seeking foreign women on dating sites

If you are looking for foreign women on the internet you should pay attention to following clues.
Be aware that most of the dating sites are always advertising with millions of users to gain more users.

A place where millions of single men are seeking women is also the ideal place for golddiggers, organized criminal groups and webcam girls. But what about honest singles who are seriously seeking a serious relationship? Sure, at first sight you might think: What can I loose? There are millions of  beautiful model-like russian brides waiting for me!

So how exactly do these fake sites operate? Most of them still operating with the same old tequniques.

1. Many sites sent partner suggestions, which should not be taken as real friendship requests. These suggestions are automatically generated and sent directly to the email of the user.  These emails are like: „Here are some of our members! What do you think? Sign up now to send them a message“. Mostly the profile pictures are even fake, meaning that the women on the picture dont even know that they are members of this website. These are not real friend requests send by real women.

If one of our female members sends you a friend request, it is because they are interested in getting in contact with you.

2. Most dating websites operate with payed writers. For intstance anastasiadate.com (biggest foreign women dating site in the world) The have payed writers which are located in Moldavia (The poorest country in Europe, with the lowest minimum salary) Anastasiadate pays its writers about 2 dollars the hour in order to write messages to its users, hiding behind some russian model pictures. One out of 5 Moldavians work as writers! The writers are being told that if the guys ask for skype or email contact information, to tell them that they don´t know what skype is and that they don`t have an Email account… This way these websites try to keep their members paying for the next months membership.

3. As soon as you join the dating site you are bombarded with hot women wanting to chat with you. If you´ve been on free websites like POF before where you´ve never recieved ANY message or friend request ever, then you join one of the popular foreign women dating sites and a little window opens from the bottom of your browser, with a hot model-like exotic beauty saying „Hello? wanna chat?“ Why would such a hottie desperately want to chat with some random person? Also this tequinique is automatically generated just to make you join.

So, I´m sure some of these techniques sound familiar, right?


If you join a dating site featuring foreign women, make sure that they are serious. Think again and decide for yourself if they seem authentic. Everything should be natural and credible. Be sure to not be fooled.

Many of our clients have gone through many dating sites without success. For me the above mentioned points are some of the reasons.


If you come to a REAL  dating site featuring foreign single women, chances are much higher that you will  find the right partner.

What do Colombian women want ?

What, exactly, are the average women who use your service expecting? What are their desires? Their life goal? and why aren’t Colombian men working out for them?

The women are expecting to finally meet an understanding, sincere man.
They are yearing for a serious and stable relationship. Their life goal is to form a nice family and to be a good wife.

Most Colombian men aren´t working out for them because they do not take women seriously.
This men just don´t want to have a stable relationship with just one woman. Many men also just don`t treat women nice. They cheat and lie to at all the time.
Also domestic violence against women is a big topic in Colombia.
Many Colombian women do accept all that, but nowadays even in Colombia the female emancipation is slowly rising and waking this women up.

The thing is, that Colombian women have the idea that American Men are the „perfect husbands“
because in Colombia foreign men have the fame to have all the characteristics that colombian women desire from the bottom of their heart.
The the characteristics which are attributed to American and European Men are the following:

Trustworthiness, Sincerity, HonestyColombian men are known to be liars.

StabilityMost Colombian men don´t want to have a serious relationship with just one woman. They just want to have sex and move on.

Kindness, Good-heartedness, TranquillityUnfortunately domestic violence against women is still a big topic in Colombia.

Intelligence Many Colombian women with careers are smarter than Colombian men in general and do not have any topics to talk about with them. Most Colombian men just care about getting drunk, having sex and soccer.

Good listenersAs you can imaging, in a sexist country like Colombia men don´t listen too much what women do have to say.

GenerosityMost Colombians are always broke or spend the little what they have in booze.

If you have only some of the upper mentioned characteristics you are more than a colombian girl could ever want.