What makes MCW different from other dating websites?

When you get here you have probably tried many other dating websites with little or no results.

So you might ask yourself…

What makes this dating site different from others?

Can I expect any or even better results from this dating site?

Why should I even consider Colombian women ?

If you consider to date foreign ladies, you have probably already tried to date local women and want to try to date women outside your local area to see if they are less shy, less emotionally dead, less rude, less spoiled, less vain, less complicated and less sophisticated!

The good news is:

Yes there are women out there that are different!


Now there are many countries where beautiful ladies are seeking foreign single men. Russia for instance, is „officially“ known to be the number one „Mail Order Bride“ country!
To get it straight, you have to know that most russian ladies have very high expectations when seeking a foreign man. Most of them are seeking nothing less than a luxury lifestyle with a handsome man in the first world

Colombian ladies on the other side are known to be one, if not, the most beautiful women on this planet and they have much lower expectations (due to Colombian men). They are looking for other qualities in men

This means:

Just by choosing Colombia to seeking your foreign life partner will seriously increase your chances to find your match to 500% to infinity.

Let us explain you why:

1. From our experience we can tell that in general most American / European men will do much better in Colombia than in their home country.

Colombian women have other ideals. They are just looking for a sincere and loyal partner that treats them good and stays with them. They are really just seeking the BASIC NEEDS of ALL WOMEN. Something they can not find in Colombia, because Colombian men are known to be the worst boyfriends / husbands in all Latin America.

Additionally, all Colombian ladies are attracted to pretty much every American and European man. Especially caucasian men. Even age and weight does matter much less to Colombian girls.

2. You don´t have to be „rich“…

If you have a 9 to 5 American salary, you will be seen as rich in Colombia.

3. We personally get in charge to find you a wife

We do things other dating website don´t:

On MCW you can find much more than just someone to chat with now and then…
Many gentlemen have actually found their life partner through our services!

– If you become a member we will translate your profile into Spanish
and we will publish your it regualry in our evergrowing database of Colombian Single Women.

This means that all ladies will regularly receive your profile info and pictures directly in their email inbox.
(This generates better results for you)

– When you book our tour we will contact ladies that suit your criteria and arrange introductions with
them in Colombia. On our VIP tour you won´t just meet random women. We only offer PERSONAL MATCHMAKING this why we call it a VIP tour. Please be informed that most „similar“ websites only offer Romance tours where you pay to attend some „party“ with random women or even prostitutes and with a bunch of other guys. With our VIP tour there will be no other guys and you will only meet women that suit your criteria (Age-range, with or without children, English skills, professional / educational level ect…)

In Colombia we will provide you with a personal professional interpreter and dating coach to give you the best possible support in your journey to find your soul mate!



4. More women than men!

Now here is an other important one.
You have to know that most dating sites have more men than women. This is a huge disadvantage for you because you have to compete with a million other guys. It is even a disadvantage for the attractive ladies on the site, because they are being brutally bombared with messages and after a while, they are so overwhelmed that they loose all interest. This is the reality of most dating sites today. Especially the ones that are for free!

At MCW we always have MORE ACTIVE WOMEN than MEN. Right now we are still a small dating site, which makes sure that the ladies will actually get to read your messages. There are just too many Colombian girls seeking foreign men and our Memberships are free for Colombian women. This is also an advantage of paid Membership sites because not just anyone can bombard the inbox of our ladies with „hello, you are hot“ messages. Only our members can send and read messages. This is always provides a higher women to men ratio and improves your feedback from the ladies.

5. No BS system

Last but not least. Many men have gone through strange systems where they have payed $5-$10 for each letter sent before they finally get to MCW!
These websites also send you about 300 mails a day with women that are apparently interested in you. These systems are designed to generate as much profit as possible. Unfortunately you can not get any value out of these systems, because these websites are 100% fake. Lets face it. This is pure BS.

Our system is designed to generate the best value for YOU!

When you become a member at MCW
– You will be able to send UNLIMITED letters without any extra hidden fees.
– If you will receive a friendship request or message from our ladies you can count on it that it is 100% real.
– We will translate your profile into Spanish.
– You will have full support via skype/phone and Email.
– We will regularly send your profile and pictures together with your introduction letter and criteria directly to our ladies via Email. Interested ladies will be able to contact you directly.

Click here to become a Member! 



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